With Imagicians!

Fretting before your big day? Well don’t! We know its your big day and you want it to be more than perfect, so we have Jasmine Arora for you, expert image consultant and style coach as Imagicians.

With wedding comes, a number of engrossing tasks for both bride and groom:

  • Looking stunning throughout all the functions, without any headaches.
  • The daunting task of trousseau planning and choosing “THE DRESS”, and all the overwhelming feeling that comes with it.
  •  The big pointer of “don’t buy two sizes smaller thinking that you will loose weight”.
  • Choosing the exquisite and ideal dress which express your personality and style.
  • Choosing the right shoes, jewellery and makeup.
  • Whether a tux/sherwani is a Dapper do or a Dated don’t.
  • Deciding on that sophisticated style which is right for your personality.
  • Helping you through life’s various transitions, each and every milestone with poise and confidence.
  • Creating images of your beautiful memories and stunning photographs with di bellezza e stile.

But don’t worry, for a smooth sailing, Jasmine is here to hold your hands and get you through.

Nothing can impress the world more than a real gentleman or an elegant lady.

Impeccable manners for all situations, the perfect graces and avoiding any kind of faux-pas, Jasmine specializes in all things social. Whether its greeting everyone, or hosting guests at your home, she will guide you in your smooth journey during the wedding as well as your life after marriage.

Also, there is special catch with Imagicians. You will get great assistance in planning your unique and unforgettable honeymoon trousseau, making you the belle and beau of anywhere you go.

It’s a day you have been dreaming of, and with Jasmine’s finishing touches, the results will be purely magical.

So, beat everyone to the punch and get in touch with this magician at Imagicians!


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