No one is better at this than the wedding host, Rahil Khan!

The master of ceremonies is the cheerleader captain of the event. And no one is better at this than the wedding host, Rahil Khan!This wonderful man started when he was just 17 and have hosted over 600 events uptil now. He is someone who is well organized, someone who has done his homework and who will add emotion and special touches to your event. Knowing the nitty gritties of the entire wedding event and keeping the flow of the evening is what he is best at.

The guests are a major part of a wedding and Rahil knows just how to set the mood and making everybody ready for his or her cues.

With a few puns and quips here and there, this anchor makes sure that the event is about bride and groom only and he gets everything conveyed to the couple well in advance to avoid any nervousness. It’s a celebration of two people coming together for Love, so he puts in a special effort in great storytelling and taking care of emotions.

He will get you in the groove and well, he comes with a catch- belonging to a family of music, the multi talented Rahil gives your wedding a gift of his melodious singing, and that’s too free of charge. As he says, it’s just out of love for his client.

So get in touch with this awesome communicator to host your wedding and give you cheerful moments to cherish forever.

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