What do Men want ( From their WIVES) !


  • Praise him always

Yes ladies, its not just us, even men too love getting compliments! Always appreciate them when do something thoughtful for you, he will always have a smile on his face!


  • Take his advice

Men are protective about their wives and want to be beside her at very step. Thats the reason why they cherish it when you take  his advice on small and big things like buying something for your home to changing your job.


  • Be his Rock


You should be his pillar of support even in the toughest of time. Just stand beside him and make him believe that you will be with him no matter what. He will love you for sure for this gesture!


  • Get involved!

Men really love it when their better half gives them company in their interests! How we women love to our hubbies watch chic flicks , they too like to involve you in their interest like gaming, sports, politics or anything else, every once in a while.


  • Surprise Surprise!

Girls, please don’t forget to throw a surprise for your love every once in a while! Men are crazy about them especially when it is from the woman whom they love the most. So plan something special for the evening, or buy him tickets for his favourite movie show and watch him melt!

  • Befriend his best friends     

Please learn to give him some space, don’t fret if he wants to spend some boy time with his besties! You will be surprised to see how grateful he would be for it !

  • Fight your own battles!

Don’t always involve him in the arguments that you may have with his family. Please spare him the horror and learn to fight your own battles.

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