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SE - What was the most exciting project you’ve done so far?


The most exciting project that I did was my first pre-wedding shoot of Shailam and Priyanka. The couple was so amazing, and the pictures turned out to be more than awesome. It was a two day shoot in Mumbai and the couple had such a great bonding and chemistry that is evident in the pictures. They were so much into each other that even I enjoyed clicking them .

SE - Your work is very much in demand, how would you define your style and your footprint?

I just don’t define my style or footprints but yes when it comes to creating some great memories then I try to use my creative abilities to the fullest. So capturing memories in a uniquely beautiful style, from candid to traditional; from pre-wedding to wedding, I think each and every single shot should be worth it.

SE - Do you have sources of inspiration? Any favorite artist?

I love the work of Wedding Stories and Wedding Filmer  and sometimes they inspire me a lot.

SE - Let’s talk a bit about your training: when did you start shooting?

Basically I took camera in hand some 8 to 9 years back but I started shooting professionally only 2 years back . I was an architect and interior designer before that. But since 2 years I, with my team have been capturing many weddings and pre-weddings.

SE - What were the initial difficulties?

We faced many difficulties when we started. One of the major ones was getting wedding shoots directly. So, we had to work really hard to make an impression. From capturing great moments at that specific time without missing any single emotion,  speaking to clients, getting projects, everything was a big and complicated task back then. But then we had great fun handling all of that.

SE - We are sure you’ve taken hundreds of photos over the years, but do you have a favorite?

This is one of my most cherished ones.

SE - What’s one quality that you possess as a photographer that sets you apart?

For me photography is something which is never ending. So every day is a new lesson. I have never been satisfied with my shots , whether they come really well or not, I have this constant zest to strive for better. My mantra is “my next shot will be my best shot.”

SE - Finally, another ritual question: what suggestion would you give to those who begin to take their first shots?

Those who are beginning to take their first shot, always know that you are just not clicking but capturing someone’s lifetime memories. So always be active and alert and never ever think that you have achieved perfection because every day is a new learning.

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