Tips To Be A Perfect Husband! (ways to win her heart forever!)

*Be her best friend

•    Caring: Now she will be your responsibility. Speak to her when you are not with her, just to know how she is doing.
•    Flexible: Learn to adjust and accommodate according to situation, when needed.
•    Be Patient and Practice Keeping Your Cool:  Try being patient in  situations and give her some time to learn things.
•    Understanding: You two will be equally new in this relationship. It’s advisable to take some time in understanding each other.

*Actions speaks louder than words

•    Surprise Her: Dinner date outside, a romantic movie, lovely flowers and morning breakfast. These small gestures sometimes will make her fall in love with you        each day.
•    Hugs and Kisses: A goodbye kiss and a greeting hug will keep that warmth intact in your relationship forever.
•    Sorry and Thank You: These two simple words are more than enough to avoid a big fight or argument and to make her feel happy for all her efforts.

*New and improved habits

•    Personal and Bathroom Hygiene: Take bath regularly and if needed you should do it twice a day, especially in summers. Make a habit of trimming hairs and nails periodically. Don’t mess up the bathroom after use.
•    Be systematic: Everything at its place is what everybody wants. With your cooperation it will become easier for her to manage things. Stop leaving wet towel on bed and keep your shoes and socks in rack.
•    Shower before Bed: It has two advantages; one you will feel fresh and another she will be comfortable in being next to you.


*Hi there handsome

•    Attractive Sparkling Smile: Schedule an appointment with the dentist for proper teeth cleaning and whitening one week prior to the wedding.
•    Stylish Hairdo: A cool hairstyle can transform your look from normal to attractive. 
•    Flawless Skin: Following a good diet plan months before the wedding can bring visible changes in your skin. Include green leafy vegetables, salads and fruits in your diet and drink lots of water. 
•    Hand Care Regime:  Photographers take lot of pictures of you both with the focus on your hands. To keep your hands neat and clean go for a good manicure one day before wedding.

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