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SE - What was your career path? How did you get from being an aspiring photographer to actually doing it full time, for a living?

Komal - Being from the fashion and fine art background, photography was just another way of portraying my likes for creativity in art. While doing fashion designing what attracted me most, was capturing of the styles in different perspectives and as of fine art only drawing didn't make it enough for my creative quench and so I decided that I wanted to capture moments and stills of art which the nature has to offer ,which reflects realism. It all started when I got married, my husband being a photographer, then, also became my teacher and what better way to learn things than having someone sharing the same eye and views on art. Hence we started with the wedding photography company because weddings in India give you the essence of culture and art and could not be more fulfilling in terms of creating beauty in mundane day to day life.

Prateek - I have been interested in arts & crafts from a very young age as my dad is a part time artist himself! So I grew up seeing my dad paint as far as I remember. I realized I wanted to be a photographer when I was 19 as I loved capturing mundane details of everyday life which we miss in our busy lives! I finished my B.Sc visual communication degree & did master in photography & assisted a well known fashion photographer for a year in Mumbai. When I started professionally in 2007 it wasn’t easy as its now as the world was still shifting from analogue to digital & the photography industry was in a major transition! I started my career by selling fine art prints & shooting editorials for fashion magazines! After I won Fuji Super Six Fine art photographers in India everything changed & work started pouring in! My first studio set up was in Chennai in 2009 & now we have one more set up in Mumbai & I keep shuffling between Chennai & Mumbai shooting Weddings, Fashion & Architecture. I travel to quench my thirst for fine art photography & put up exhibitions. Wedding photography happened when one of my very good friends who is a fashion designer asked me to shoot her wedding & I loved every moment of it!

SE - What sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

Komal - I think wanting to create something extraordinary out of basics.

Prateek - Every photographer has his own style! Wedding photography is all about minuscule details & to capture small intimate moments as Indian Wedding Rituals has thousands of moments! Coming from a fashion & fine art background our strength lies in composition, portraiture, posing & capturing larger than life emotions in an image.

SE- What or who got you started in photography?

Komal – My husband, because of the extent of the magic he creates with his captures, just made me sure I wanted to do the same.

Prateek - My Dad! My first analogue camera was his, which I took away from him in 1998.My parents were always supportive throughout my journey.

SE - What gives you ideas and inspires you to create such great imagery?

Komal - When you find beauty in everything, you create a great imagery.     

Prateek -   Majority of my inspiration is from the streets of India as I extensively walk around the streets & create stories for my exhibition. And my life partner Komal who is my muse in every moment of my life which elevates me to create wonderfully detailed imagery.

SE - Where would be your dream destination assignment?

Komal - Somewhere in the forest and mountains.

Prateek -  I have actually never thought of that as every wedding we shoot is a dream by itself but to answer to your question it would somewhere on top of the mountains & can be anywhere in the world.

SE - What do you think of the wedding photography industry at the moment and where do you see it from now?

Komal - It will never fade. It’s ever growing and always will be cause wedding is a sacred and precious bond for life and who doesn't like to take a look at the good old days. 5 years from now it will just get bigger and better.

Prateek - There has been a surge in wedding photography industry in the last two years & almost everyone with a camera is shooting weddings. In the next five years photographers who are true to their art & create their own style & who are technologically sound will be in demand & above the game than the rest.

SE - What do you find most exciting about shooting a wedding?

Komal – Throughout the wedding, the energy and vibes have so much of enthusiasm that every moment seems exciting and as each wedding is different, it has something new to offer. There is never a dull time

Prateek - The most exciting part of the wedding apart from the chemistry of the couples are the rituals! Every Indian wedding we shoot has some different rituals! To know the roots of every rituals & meeting families & couples from different walks of life & knowing their stories is thrilling.

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