The people centric photographer!

Why do we click pictures at a wedding? Ever thought of that?

The answer is simple. One would always want to relive the most important day in a family’s life. We are saying family, because Indian weddings are a family affair. For family members, it’s all about sharing the joy, for parents, it’s the day when their child is entering a new phase of life and for the couple, it’s the day when they decide to love each other and live with each other, forever! 

Anupam Maurya Photography is one such team of photographers who have the knack to capture intimate moments at weddings.

Anupam Maurya Photography believes that the most important part of any wedding is the people and that’s exactly what we look at, when we browse through the wedding album, year after year. 

When we look at the wedding photography, most of the times the focus is on the grandeur and not on the small things. How grand the wedding was, how lavish was the decoration and how beautiful was the jewelry, are the only things conveyed by the photographers.

At Anupam Maurya Photography, they focus on the tiniest of the details in a wedding. 

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