The magician with a magic makeup brush !

When your Bridal makeup is done by Pushpa Krishnappa, who is one of the most sought after Makeup Artist in Bangalore, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We all know the importance of makeup on your big day, and it’s all in the hands of your makeup artist

We caught up with her so that we could bring you insights into an Indian Bridal Makeup. Her journey is as interesting as her achievements.

SE - Please tell ShaadiElephant about your journey as a Makeup artist.

Pushpa - I have always had a natural inclination towards anything which involves creative arts. Although, my academic background and profession started off as a dentist, my creative quotient didn't allow me to stay there for long. Eight years ago, I decided to channelize my skill for replicating hairstyles and flair for styling friends into becoming a professional hair and makeup artist. My forte lies in creating most natural look for my clients.

SE - Who was your inspiration behind becoming a makeup artist? 

Pushpa - The very fact that "makeup does magic" and that it can transform anyone into the best version of them, inspired me to take up this as my career. Every face is like a canvas and makeup is a beautiful transformation which inspires me to do more and keeps me motivated throughout.

 SE - What are the top Bridal trends this season?

Pushpa - The 'fresh-faced' dewy natural look is definitely taken over dramatic over-the-top bridal makeup. Berry lips and monochromatic pink eye shadows are in. Keeping the natural texture of hair and working on it in form of up do's and braids is also trendy.

SE - Which products do you use for Bridal Makeup?

Pushpa - I use predominantly M.A.C. products and i love the fact that they have very handy range of products which work on Asian skin tones as well as foreign skin. I experiment with different eye and skin products from NYX, benefit, two-faced, Anastasia, etc., I also love derma range for full coverage and outdoor shoots.

SE - Tell us something about pre wedding shoot Makeup

Pushpa - I prefer it very light and obtain a fresh and natural look. Mostly, I go by "no-makeup" kind of look and am always for minimalistic and "less is more” approach.

SE - What do you love the most about being a makeup artist?

Pushpa - I feel like a magician and my brushes are like a wand which transforms people and does makeovers.

SE - What is the biggest highlight of your career? 

Pushpa - Certificate of achievement form "Valgarland school of makeup, London" through an online program led by Val Garland herself. Also, working with established leading actors and celebrities and some fabulous editorials.

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