Her journey and acheivements

Please tell  ShaadiElephant about your journey as a Makeup  artist 

I have always been the creative kind trying new hairdo or buying new products to try on myself and friends.. so the idea of being a make up artist was not sudden but a slow realisation that this is what I love as I took pride in doing makeup for friends and family and styling them for events.

Who was your inspiration behind  becoming a makeup artist ?

As I mentioned earlier that I am the creative kind who loved to draw and paint. I needed a proper medium and a canvas. And the joy it gave me to doll up someone and see them excited about the way they looked was very satisfying and also my friends suggested that I shld do this professionally and hence started the journey.

What are the top  Bridal trends this season?

I generally don't believe in following the fads and trends. So my mantra has always been less is always more.. I work hard towards attaining the most natural and flawless skin.. I want my bride to be comfortable after her makeup rather than her being conscious. I have heard a lot of my brides asking me to make them look like themselves rather than someone else.. So I strive in working with their personality rather than what is in vogue.

Which products do you  use for Bridal makeup?

I use all the high end brands like Mac, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Huda beauty, Krylon, to all the drugstore beauty products which come highly recommended.. I buy my products after a lot of research so as to give my brides the best of beauty.

Tell us something about  pre wedding shoot Makeup.

In terms of makeup for a pre wedding photo shoots,again a natural flawless look with simple elegant hairdos is recommended and also on high demand.

What is the  biggest highlight of your career ?

Every single day, every single bride is etched and highlighted in my mind apart from working with several celebrities, showstoppers, supermodels, top notch photographers, My work being featured in several magazines, newspapers, Having handled shows like Blenders pride fashion tour, working with the Times group for Femina Miss India pageant.. also working with the Miss Universe team, Working with Ace Fashion Guru Prasad Bidapa for several of his shows and shoots, all these experiences have given me great enriching memories.

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