Deepak has been giving beautiful wings to different wedding stories from past 25 years

When you find your love and have a unique story to tell to the world, what follows a beautiful journey of a dream wedding one can forget never! So there you need to capture every gesture of your super exclusive tale, not only to keep it forever and ever but also to cherish it all your lives through..So here we are to help you out (see we know your hassles so perfectly) meet Deepak Mallekar, super proficient snapper, and you don’t need to rush anywhere else, he’ll set everything for you, from the moment your eyes met with your Bae till the moment of your wedding day! Moreover he’ll be there wherever you are!

Based out of Mumbai, Deepak had been giving beautiful wings to different wedding stories from past 25 years. Have a look!

These shoots are a proof that these cute pre-wedding shoot trend is one you’ll want to follow.

For the couple who are dreamy in love with each other, this picture justifies them.

Couple who love to be in their own world and are so in love with each other and one who has #fitnessgoals together and are adventure freaks!

No matter if they are planned or unplanned, every instant, is what he makes so mind-blowing for you. He says, “I record the living memories of that special day and create a Unique Story for you to cherish and relive that event the rest of your life, taking pictures is a living experience and not just pointing and clicking”

Love ain’t THAT easy! This fab photographer travels miles for capturing your perfect shots and even low and high temperatures won’t haunt them! That’s the reason their picture you would want to ape!

Your “wooed” pictures by Deepak will help you always remember feel how you felt when you first met. Come on, just look at this picture.

So want to bewitch your tale too, queries and comments are most welcomed! Want your beautiful fairy tale wedding an enchanted bend with Deepak Mallekar Photography? Get in touch with him-

Contact- 098202 89853

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