A great artist with her excellent makeup skills

So, you’re not fond of makeup, still want to look your best on your favorite day. Don’t panic, just calm down, makeup is a good thing, if we aren’t able to convince you, we’re sure Nehad will do that! Trust us, she is a great artist and a good friend and with her excellent makeup skills she will make you comfortably gorgeous. You won’t believeyou’ll feel wonderful even if you are wearing this makeup for the first time!

Look at this super gorgeous bride on her engagement day! 

Enhancing bride-to-be’s inner self and her womanish splendor through her makeup, Nehad’s forte lies in creating unique brides by understanding each and every face differently. You could see here how a bride’s makeup at her Roka compliments with her outfit. Her delicacy is revealed trough the makeup she has, isn’t it amazing?

By understanding your best manners she sways her talent that the best behavior reflects from her final portrait. See that oomph from the eyes of this lady! Definitely it’s that talent speaking itself.

Such a gorgeous and super exiting work, this bride-to-be is looking perfect and all ready for the show as her makeup is revealing the beautiful attitude she has.

Enough of those bright and cliché, just look at this all pastel palate.Nedad is wonderful and you’ll not stop kissing her hands after such gorgeous makeovers. This gorgeous bride-to-be full of quirkiness is all ready to rule the best day’s vibes! Her gorgeous makeup is not stopping her from being herself #Bridegoals in any way.

Totally in love with these makeovers aren’t you, such adorable makeup and their enhanced bride glow. Book Nehad for your special day! Comment for any queries!

May your day be as flawless as your makeup!

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