-MUA Ruchi Bansal

Makeup artist Ruchi Bansal is known for her versatile makeup talent. She being a certified makeup artist works wonders for brides-to-be’s from different state, be it Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil, Karnataka, Bengal, Assam, Punjab, North India. So if you’re looking for some different makeup for your wedding that goes with your tradition, Ruchi Bansal is the one for you. She understands brides of different culture, understands their tradition and values and then continues her work. Let’s go through her specialty through these brides-

This bride from Bengal will mesmerize you with her enchanting eyes. Her makeup reflects the traditional values she holds from her culture.

Now here the beautiful bride from Maharashtra which catches your eyes with the simple yet beautiful makeup on, these brides are really giving best bride goals to all the brides out there who want to reflect their natives through their makeup and outfits.

Brides from Assam and North East too are no less looking their best and enchanting everyone with their traditional values. Ruchi is a versatile artist and it’s not easy to unite these brides through her makeup, but she did it!

So, while you’re modern and liberal at heart and your love for your culture doesn’t dull down even though you’ve been away from home over years, you make your best day looking so traditional and reflecting all your culture putting all that makeup that holds true to your roots, then the best one is Ruchi Bansal for you.

Different brides, different traditions, united by one makeup artist Ruchi Bansal, get your flare of makeup by her at your wedding day to be your best.

May your day be as flawless as your makeup! Stay tuned!

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Call- 096320 44225


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