– MUA Pushpa Krishnappa

It’s shaadi-da-season, and every occasion demands perfection, and so should be your makeup at every event, and you’re the bride so you should be looking like one, PushpaKrishnappa, the passionate makeup artist, will be there for you if you really want to be “you” by looking all classy and natural. So don’t you worry about it as Pushpa will get your back every time.So if you choose to be yourself on your wedding day, not to worry about other social norms, and  what an Indian bride is supposed to act, makeup by Pushpa will work wonders then. #Beyourself

Bride from Banglore is perfectly posing her naturalist stance, could you see how real her aspects are and her uniqueness takes the heart away.

This elite makeup artist doesn’t have that old style, where in every piece of her art you could witness a fathom of newness which is the result of her openness for learning each time. These brides could be spectator of her work, just loving their makeup so much. #Loveyourself

Another Bride from South India, lovingly illustrates her novelty. We are so in love with these brides, OMG!

We know you are enough mesmerized by her work of art but here’s more, fantastic hairdo for this bride, isn’t it? So many colors yet classy. 

Now here’s some white and gold for your eyes, Pushpa understands the connection of outfits and makeup so much that she just perfectly balances them. The maroon lipstick just goes with the attire flawlessly.

Lastly, let’s surprise you more! This actress, with such flawless makeup by Pushpa, will surely take your heart away with her classy and natural looks. No wonder Pushpa is so impeccable even with celebrities and TV artists.

Doesn’t Pushpa inspire you? Live, love…Inspire is what her motto is! So love yourself and get pampered with makeup by Pushpa Krishnappa at your special day!

Keep the love for makeup alive and don’t forget to smile today!

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 Mobile- +919845129086


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