with Once upon a Time Wedding tales!

A nouveau and contemporary trend is in rave these days, and that is destination pre wedding shoot!

And this approach is custom tailored for you, with finesse, by Once upon a time wedding tales.

Helmed by husband and wife duo, Prateek&Komal, the studio creates a record of your love with authenticity.

Documenting the blissful candid moments with fine portraiture and an unobtrusive approach, these professionals create the most flattering stills that you have ever laid your eyes upon.

Featuring one extremely rustic yet royal pre wedding shoot which they did for the lovely couple-Priya and Kuldeep, in Venice of the East- Udaipur:

The couple was an absolute joy to capture and bringing a fresh perspective and positive attitude, the photographers have created a spectacle.

The picturesque location gives a vintage yet contemporary feel. And the moments captured will simply leave you in awe with the incredible architecture.

The dazzling array of colors and the artistry provided the perfect backdrop for these lovebirds to create their beautifully spun memories.

The team delightfully captured the quiet moments of these lovers, enjoying and breathing in the serenity and the youthfulness of love and the intricacies and the grandiose surrounding them.

“The minute I heard my first love story,

I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.
They're in each other all along.”

Rumi’s words comes to life in these idyllic shots.

“Cause lovers dance when they are feeling in LOVE!”

“I see forever when I look in your eyes
You're all I've ever wanted
I always want you to be mine
Let's make a promise to the end of time
We'll always be together
And our love will never die”

It seems just right that Bon Jovi sung it for these two. 

To say these images are fabulous and striking is a definite understatement.

With the creative eye and the photojournalistic style accented by lively energy of the lens men, the result is passionate storytelling through the visual memories that will last for an eternity and a day more.

Seamlessly blending in your special moments, these creative professionals with leave you with nothing but smiles, whether today or 50 years from now!

Get in touch with them at 098846 77786, and book them for your big moments.

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