Pinterest worthy amazing pictures *with love*

Finding bliss out of mundane is the favorite job of this amazing cult of photographers, cinematographers and service providers, the AnupamMaurya Photography (aka AMP). We’re totally swooning over their drop dead collection of pictures from every event of the beautiful days of these couple’s lives. Let’s take a tour of all the amazing work they’re doing *with love*, we’re sure it’ll give a major shout out to you and you’ll not resist searching for them for your latest photo-shoots!

So cute yet so unlike (pre-wedding)!

Here’s a look at their cute picture for this WOW couple, aren’t we justifying what we’ve stated!

Look at this oh-so-bookworms kind of couple, AMP chose the best place to shoot this apt picture for them! Aren’t they so budgeted (you don’t need to go miles to get a photo-shoot done). You just need to tell them your likes and dislikes and they’re all set for giving you picture-perfect shots.

Yet another one! Stop drooling now! Get back here, we know these are amazing ones, and you want one for you too! Shooting among the herds! Who would think like that, but they did!

Not only love in crankiness but they just win over the hearts of one who loves to be romantic, here are a few instances of “love” in their own calligraphy.

“Mumbai -wala-love” is all over in this picture for this couple, really Awe-some, isn’t it?

“Terrace love” in AMP way, love is all over in this lovely picture!

We know, you’re all swooned with these cheerful and flawless works, coz we’re too not getting over it! All cheers to AMP! So, want to add magic to your dream day with this dream-team, get their back, below-

Call-099309 55211

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