–By MUA Anu Chugh

AnuChugh’s bridal diaries are completely plugging over with her new and brand new makeovers for those real brides from South India giving all the brides out there, new bride goals. We’ve already talked about her skills and talents lately, now again we’re not over it and tipping over her latest work for these brides. Have a look and drool over!

Such a happy bride, this happiness is no way more because of the gorgeous and effortless makeup which is making her so confident!

Anu’s wand swirls a wave of freshness, no matter what the mood is, it always ends in a fresh and happy feelings reflected on the bride’s faces. Such an impeccable eye makeup, isn’t it? 

The whole ensemble is a replica of perception and coordination, from tip to toe nothing seems offbeat, it’s swings in harmony rather! Well, that’s the beauty of the work of a perfectionist.

Now here’s another one with red, gold and brights, so comfortable in her own rind. So simple and gorgeous at the same time!

As we’ve said earlier you’ll find newness each time you’ll see Anu’s bride. Here’s this one, gorgeous makeup goes with the ensemble, shows how well it had been taken care of.

We prove ourselves again, aren’t you completely swooned over by these beautiful ladies! Such a showcase of tradition and culture, we’re totally spellbound and charmed!

Here comes our pretty bride, we just don’t want you to see it but want you to feel their bliss of delight. Perfection is at its best and contouring done so well. Do notice the hairstyle as well! They are just so elegant and exquisite. 

That’s all the latest ones of Anu’s canvas, which are ridiculously stunning and flowering the internet for now! Aren’t these makeovers trendy yet simple and fulfilling the culture instance as well! Yes, they do. Which one was your favorite; please let us know in the comments below.

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