-Hair Styles by MUA Nehad Imran

This excellent makeup artist already caught your heart when we’ve talked about her for her marvelous work forroka/engagement ceremony, this time we are here to give you some more goosebumps. A good make up is needed but with a good hair do it just add wonders, well, Nehad is a pro in that! Don’t believe us? Check out these stunning hairstyles, INSTA-friendly, that’ll surely change your (social) life.

Be it a day time or an enchanted evening this hairstyle by her is perfect to pretty up your hair. Look at them; they look so pretty in it!

Love these pretty hair do for them, all hair swept on one side! Such a dainty way of doing hair for an engagement!

Braids never goes out of trend especially when one has to stick too much to the tradition. But Nehad gives a special twist to it. Have a look at these pretty ones!

Even beautiful buns really have their own charm, isn’t it beautiful and boho as well?

Open hair-flare are latest trends these days, such a gorgeous beauty as her hair do adds wonders to her whole ensemble. She really is taking our breath away. Love it!

This kick-ass beauty has totally nailed it with such a gorgeous hair style; this pretty actress is taking everyone’s breath away with her stunning makeover. A little tuck up with curls all rolled up, isn’t it amazing?

Don’t know about you, but we’re totally in love with these gorgeous hair dos by Nehad. These hairstyles totally killed it and hold perfect at required occasions. Aren’t these appealing to your INSTA feeds? Get hold of Nehad if you really want your day to be perfect. So which one was your favorite? Do mention in the comments below.

May your day be as flawless as your makeup!

Contact her for gorgeous hair do and makeup-

Mail - nihadoomer@yahoo.co.in

All picture credit- http://makeupbynehadimran.com

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