With Fhotofocus Photography!

Thinking of having a pre wedding shoot, then the question of “How to pose” must be hovering your mind.

Set in the right tempo, romantic (pre-wedding) photography has made its way in the world of portraits.From trying new things, to explore new locations, pre-wedding photo-shoot is a time for couples to unwind and go creative.To help you with this, enters wedding photographers at “Fhotofocus”.

The quality love portraits by them are saccharine infused, blended smoothly with simplicity and beauty of each moment.

Harnessing the moments perfectly, here we have some couple poses by Fhotofocus, that say Love. Try not to get the warm fuzzies!

This one is our photographer’s personal favorite and we just can’t deny.

He, picking her up in the perfect embrace.

And She, with her dainty parasol.

It’s the perfect recipe for an idyllic shot.

“Look into my eyes - you will see 
What you mean to me 
Search your heart - search your soul

And when you find me there you'll search no more”

The portraits take us back to old school Bryan Adams, and are as groovy as his voice.

A stylish summer and these two lovebirds!

Such a playful shot, the charming boy holding the roses behind his back and the pretty lady in a prettier pout. This picture is giving us a lot of ear-to-ear smiles.

This foot-popping moment between this couple is definitely swoon-worthy.

And gives all us girls some princess-in-love feelers.

A romantic table for two, dozens of rose petals, a guitar, and two wine glasses. It all calls for a picturesque night with the right ambience, music and if you are in luck, some pretty amazing star gazing.

Pictures are the most powerful tools to capture memories and Fhotofocus will give you many of the super-cute reminders that true love does in fact exist.

From the loving laughs, to warm embraces, to stealing a kiss and sharing a smile, seize all your precious moments with Abhishek from Fhotofocus Photography.

To book your pre wedding, get in touch with him at 088791 73649.


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