Interview with MUA Anu Chugh

SE: Most exciting thing about being a bridal make-up artist

Anu : One of the most exciting things about being a bridal make-up artist is that I get to see the result of my job done immediately. Among other things that I enjoy being a MUA are meeting new people and travelling. The trust which a bride holds on me for her big day is priceless which makes me motivated to work with double effort

SE : How do you handle nervous and jittery brides on their big day?

Anu : I totally believe in energy transfer and positive vibes. So I keep calm and be very positive while I am at work. This helps a nervous and jittery bride to calm down as well. I answer all her queries/worries which might be repetitive if she is nervous with a smile and confidence. This positive attitude helps the bride to calm down.

SE : What is the latest trend in bridal make-up

Anu : A foundation well-done is essence of make-up. Dewy skin is quite in-trend. How you apply your foundation so that it makes skin look flawless yet not cakey is an expert job. Also red lips never goes out of trend. Underplay your eyes when you are wearing bold lips to keep that innocence of face intact.

SE : Some tips on post wedding make-up

Anu : Few essentials for post wedding make-up kit are lip balm, make-up remover – Neutrogena is one of the best I have used, night creams, rejuvenating masks and hydrating masks  After all the sleepless nights of wedding function and regular make-up sessions, it is a must that you take care of your skin and hydrate your skin well. After every make-up session remove make-up properly with a make-up remover, work specifically on your lashes to get rid of waterproof mascara and stubborn gel liners from your eyelids. Use hydrating cucumber mask and pomegranate mask to make skin look healthy. 

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