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Honestly speaking in our journey of educating about makeup on your wedding day, we’ve never talked about the one who takes care of skin and hair a way too much, well the wait is over, VinyasaHippla, a passion driven makeup artist is here to relief you. She is both a makeup artist and a hair and beauty consultant, for you. Our new favorite soul for today is this Bangalore based artist who is so versatile that she not only adorns brides but men as well. Let’s not wait to know her more.

So dedicatedly she makes her brides so beautiful and makes sure the reason for their day being the best day is their makeup and therefore the self-confidence they have due to it.

Stunning bride all ready for her D-day, she is a traditional one and justifies it through her makeover. Perfect combination of red, gold and whites!

This one is an enchantress, her hairdo and makeup so meticulously makes her queen of her own. Do notice the pasa she adorns, isn’t the shades of makeup goes so well with the color of her outfit?

What we’ve noticed the most in Vinyasa’s brides is the color, she chooses best colors for her brides. Look at this bride, her colors are amazing and also notice the eye-liner which so goes with her beautiful eyes.

This one is just mind-blowing, perfect rusty shades of makeup for this lady suit her whole ensemble a lot than anything. Love her cheek painted in peach! Notice the rustic jewelry and the color of her saree that fits with the colors of her lip-shade and adorned eyes.

“So many dreams in my eyes”, dreams comes true for those who look beautiful on their beautiful day and credit goes to Vinyasa. This bride is a perfect example of lighter shades of colors going so apt at the perfect occasion.

Another happy bride from Vinyasa’s bridal memoires, she looks so pretty with stars shining in her eyes. Vinyasa knows so well the perfect features to highlight more as she observes bride’s face first and then decides their makeup.

This charming birdie looks so amazing for her day. Amazing! Isn’t she? Again we are so mesmerized by her skin tone and the perfect quality of makeup done.

There, you have all the know-how about the work she does! We’re sure you’ve already decided whom to consult and book for your makeup at your day this time. So don’t wait long Vinyasa’ll be there for you, no matter what. So let us know which one in the above is your favorite in the comments!

Let your makeup be as gorgeous as you are!

Have a good day!

Contact her- Call 072591 19031


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