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We were so craving to talk about them again, and yet we’ve got another chance, yes, the all legendary cult of professionals by Zorains- Zorains Studio. We’ve already introduced them to you how pro they are in their art with such a great years of proficiency. Some wise men said “choose your makeup wisely”, and so we want you to choose Zorains really *wisely*.

Let’s enchant you more with their recent grind..

They know history, it seems, their makeup appears to be an art of historical era, and it’s not easy to get that knack! This art is totally visible on this bride, we’re lacking words to describe her, the whole ensemble enchants in the shades of dusky, gold and brown. Do notice the eye makeup which couldn’t be better than this.

Now, here’s completely a traditional one, as this bride wanted her eye makeup to be the best and unique and Zorains did the best. It completely enchanted you, isn’t it?

Lucknowi makeup for this beautiful *Begam*, as her makeup totally matches the Zardosi she wears. Zorains again kicked it like anything in knowing old and implying it to such newness developing it into a contemporary art.

Doesn’t that give you “ZindagiGulzar Hai” thrills, yes Kashaf at her wedding? This beautiful bride is so elegant and her makeup had totally enhanced her own self. Zorains knew here what to do, nor too flashy neither too classy yet so royal. 

From history to royalty, now we’ll charm you by their southern grind. Zorains totally slayed here, flawlessly summarizing the whole look at one glance!

Flawless! Weren’t they? The more we look at these brides the more we get enchanted, Zorains did an amazingly impeccable work in each one of them that we’re completed swooning over. From Islamic royalty to southern traditions, the makeup and art totally justified the whole collective; they proved that makeup is more of art than a profession. Aren’t you in love with their dedication of makeup they do? We know you do! Do call them for your next amazing day!

May your day me as flawless as your makeup!

Get their back- Mail- zohrainis@gmail.com

Call- 9900032855

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