-the tale of brides from North and South India

The versatile makeup artist we’ve introduced you before, yes, none other than Ruchi Bansal, known for her super amazing capabilities for adorning brides from different cultures and locations in India, is here again to charm you more of her latest contributions to her bridal diaries. To make sure your makeup is totally on trend you need not to do anything for your homework but trust Ruchi as she is all updated with the state-of-the-art. She has the entire knack that an artist should have as she says that red and gold are old and replaced by blue and pink as the talk of the town! Let’s see her latest know-hows!

Honest makeup and hair do for this dazzling beauty add charms to her day as her eyes shines like stallers. This is all the glory of the apt makeup done for her!

Notice the glitters as the eye shadow, glitters and highlights for her suits the whole look. She is surely to make her bae fall all over again for her!

Notice the glaze on her face, perfectly defining her perspectives. The contours are perfectly highlighted and the lip shade seamlessly synchronizes with everything. Her glance is so effective that everybody doesn’t wait to crush out at her!

Beautiful bride from South India tells us the story of how trustworthy Ruchi is. On a friend’s recommendation this lady without any trial sessions had faith on Ruchi and guess what Ruchi did, a wonderful job gaining more faith. Amazing work! Isn’t it?

From receiving tons of compliment for her till the gaze of her groom for her, it perfectly blended with the occasion. What else one needs on their best day of life!

Such a simple yet beautiful charm on her face shows her inner self. With such simple makeover she cannot hide the innate beauty she has and innocence she has on her face and smile says a million words!

Such a trustful and pleasant ending, but this doesn’t end here as Ruchi is always there gaining faith of more brides in the coming time. Aren’t these two brides with such contrast cultures (one from North and other from South) shows you the different aspects of makeup and the adaptability with which Ruchi performs it? Yes they do! We want you to trust her capabilities and catch her for your next performance. So which of the two was your favorite? Comment and let us know!

May your day be as flawless as your makeup! Stay tuned!

Contact her- Call- 096320 44225


All picture courtsy-https://www.facebook.com/MakeupWithLoveByRB/

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