- Blended by Anu Raja

So, you obviously want to look best at your wedding day. But what about the other occasions, in the focus of wedding day we generally forget about the other days which equally hold importance in our lives, especially sangeet, engagement, haldi and mehndi functions. We are back with “Blended by Anu Raja” with one of her best work recently. Last time it was the minimalistic makeup we’ve discussed about her and this time we’ll keep the feel intact with some flashy twist. Let’s take a tour and get mesmerized....

She, this beautiful bride Raksha, is another example of blended minimalism by Anu Raja, giving sangeet goals to all brides out there looking for an amazing cocktail cum sangeetmakeup. She just trusted Anu and had let her do her way and the makeup just turned out to be much more than expected. Apart from her hairs (for which Raksha was little concerned) rest all was on Anu, but hair do too was mind-blowing with even such constraints.

We can’t take our eyes off from such an elegant look for Raksha. Notice the eye makeup, so gorgeous yet minimalistic. Do see the lip color which synchronizes with the whole outfit she wears.

Raksha’s million dollar smile says it all! How happy she is looking her best at her best day. She’s surely gonna slay her Bae this time!

Her dancing moves are so comfortable that shows how relaxed she is with her confidence at her day. Her hair do is so perfect giving a bouncy look which is so natural. Anu proved her talent here again!

Now here’s her all-ready picture to drool over, everything is just so picture-perfect. Nothing could be better than this at this time as the pastel shades just justifies the whole ensemble. And as we said this is minimalism again with a jazz, so true!

Hotness overloaded! She lights the whole corridor with her charm and everyone wonders as she looks like a fairy as she walks in glimmering the whole aura! She is a charmer!

We are completely slaying over Raksha’s look and our favorite Anu Raja, who again proved her talent as well as “less is more”.  We again won over you with our favorite makeup artist and we’ll recommend you to take her back for your sangeet/cocktail day if you really want to add some magic to your life as well as want your wedding photographs to be admired for ages. So don’t wait just call her and also comment your views about Raksha’s makeup and hairdo.

May your day be as perfect as your lipstick! Keep shining!

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Call 098867 13364

All picture courtesy- https://www.facebook.com/pg/anurajamakeup

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