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SE - Please tell  ShaadiElephant about your journey as a Makeup & Hair artist 

I come from a engineering background where everyone in my family and friends were engineers or doing engineering which actually made me also to be one, When I was in my twelve standard everybody including my parents used to say get good marks,get a good education become an engineer and that too only software so that you can make good money,earn respect in society,get a good guy and get settled in life fast.

I was never even allowed to think of doing something other than engineering even though my parents knew I was very good in extra curricular field like painting and drawing. So I came to Bangalore like everyone else did and ended up in a software firm, I was very happy in my initial days of career, I worked so hard to become a good employee and a top performer but after a few years in IT something in me started telling me that "Is this what life is" getting up on a Monday morning going to a place where I am not at all interested to go,doing the work where I have lost all my passion in doing it, giving that fake smile in meeting rooms and sitting their whole day and listening to things where I dont even know how this project is useful to me, I always felt I was a puppet. 

I wanted to do something of my own but had no clue what to do and suddenly one day my long time passion in art field struck to my head when I saw these beautiful makeup and hair work of this talented makeup and hair artist from Bangalore called Seema Tabbasum. I was completely inspired by the way she used to play with colours and change a person`s look completely,then I decided to join her classes and start working on my craft part time and when slowly the business picked up I quit my job and took my business full time in May 2016 and from that day there is no looking back.

SE - Who was your inspiration behind  becoming a makeup artist ?

As I told you before it was Seema Tabbasum who was my first mentor. She inspired me a lot and then couple of international as well as Indian makeup and hair artists like Bobby brown,Camila cohelo,Sam Fine,Yeliz Kaya,Namrata soni,Ralph Daniel,Tamanna rooz.

SE - What are the top  Bridal trends this season?

Peach,pink and coral colours on lips and cheeks,fresh and flawless skin,sparkles on eye with lot of mascara,bold eye brow and beautiful waves on hair instead of defined curls. 

SE -  Which products do you  use for Bridal makeup?

I use Bobby brown,Benifit,Inglot,Tom ford,mac,krylon,farsali,morphe,katvond,Lancome etc.. and I am a big fan of Benefit products especially blushes it completely gives such a gorgeous effect on my all my brides.

SE -  Tell us something about  pre wedding shoot Makeup.

Prewedding shoot makeup should be well planned with the bride few days before the shoot, if their are many different looks in a day I usually start with nude looks initially and than build it on with brighter colours on lips and eyes.since most of the prewedding shoot happens outdoor I always use tinted moisturisers,very light foundation or a BB and CC cream and loose powder.

I never ever use heavy foundations or powders since it will tend to crack or oxidise due to humidity and will also be very difficult to build different looks for the day.

SE - What do you love the  most about being a makeup artist ?

I love playing with colours especially when I am doing eye makeup every bride has completely different features and personality,same kind of makeup cannot be done on everybody.

I love to create that special look which is completely unique to each bride and when the whole look is done and bride looks herself in the mirror and says "wow that`s so unique,I am so happy with this look Vinyasa" which is what I love the most about being an artist, touching somebody`s heart by making them look so beautiful on their big day which they will never forget.

SE - What is the  biggest highlight of your career ?

A collaborative shoot which we did with Kannada celebrity Sindu Loknath couple of months back.It was a complete south Indian royal bride themed shoot .The pictures were out on social media on the same date of the shoot and I was really surprise to see the response from the people all around it became so popular that for first time in my facebook and instagram business page I had put a picture and it crossed more than 1000 likes overnight I started getting lot of business calls. People from different wedding planning websites like shopzters,georgeous bride etc started contacting me and also TV9 people contacted us and put the making video of the shoot on their channel,so this was the biggest highlight of my career till now.

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