MUA Anu Chugh reveals it all in the exclusive interview

SE - What is the latest trend in pre wedding shoot makeup?

Couples these days take a lot of effort for planning their pre-wedding shoots. Some brides takes this as a trial as to how they look with professional make-up and what looks good on them in pictures. Make-up for pre-wedding shoots is very fresh and natural. Some couples do go for themed shoots where make-up is done according to required theme. The idea is to “EXPLORE THE UN-EXPLORED”.

SE - Give tips to our brides about “do it yourself” hairstyles for occasions.

There are many big / small functions in a wedding. A bride may not hire make-up artist for all the events. DIY hairstyles can be many depending on how good a person is in self styling. One important tip for hairdo which I like to share is: Wash the hair previous day without conditioner, this way hair style will set better and styling will be lot easier. Invest a good hair spray so that hair sits neatly without any flyaways. Tonging hair can be easily done by brides themselves - just need to remember, that hairs framing the face should be tonged outwards

SE -  Any tips on party makeup for the sister of the bride?

Bride sister can go all out experimenting with her looks. One day trending, other day high fashion and neat and traditional for the wedding day. Choice of colors of her outfit can be trendy enough to carry fashion looks. Bold eyeliners with nude lipsticks and trending head gears are my favourite looks for brides’ sister.

SE - What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

All make-up artists do make-up to the best of their abilities. What I make sure while dressing up my brides specifically is that all my bridges should not be looking alike and carrying same style. Keeping ones personality intact after my make-up is very important for me. For example : Maybe I am doing curls for multiple brides but how I style for each bride will be very different depending on their face shape, jewellery and outfit. Giving my client make-up of their choice is mandatory for me apart from that a pleasant experience for my bride is definitely what I work on.

SE - What is the biggest makeup mistake made by brides?

Following make-up trends blindly without visualizing how it looks on one-self is the worst thing to do. Pictures from social media can be a reference point but should not be copied. I try my best to explain what works best for the bride and incorporate whatever possible from the inspiration pick. Comfort and make-up according to personality is way more important than following a look which is in trend.

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