-adorning brides from India and Dubai from past 10 years

Our marathon of introducing you to great makeup artists in never ending and each one of them is unique in their own way. This time its Gloss N Glass, such efficient makeup artists, adorning people since ten years. If you are worried and looking for which one to choose and wanta perfect blend of makeup which already had hands on celebrities, fashion shows, a makeover beyond beautiful possibilities as glamorous as a celebrity or as the one with minimalism, then you are at the right place, introducing you to the great cult of makeup artists from India and middle east.Let’s take a walk-

They are good with any skin tone and creating the best out of it. They say that their client inspire them! Look at this beautiful makeover in process for this amazing bride. A typical South Indianmakeup for her!

This bride from Dubai and her makeup is taking a toll over social media, so glamorous and beautiful. Look at her eyes; they are so enchanting and adorning with smoky bronze eye-shadow.

Coming to all elegant blue here, different shades of blue are making her so pure and graceful yet sensual. Notice the brilliant eye-shadow again!

With all warm hues, this bride looks so pretty in her own way. Such a natural makeup enhancing her beauty from inside out.

Now comes the adorable beauties, Gloss N Glassare just beyond words. Have a look at this bride, who looks so adorable in the makeover. 

Another delightful munchkin, such charming eye makeup for her is making her out of the world on her D-day. Everything goes with the whole ensemble, so endearing, isn’t it?

So, there you go, we’ve induced you much with another favorite of ours which will surely leave no stones untouched. With such efficient people you need not to feel any doubt but be awesome and look awe-inspiring. So which one was your favorite? Tell us your views in the comments. Don’t forget to get them next time for yourself.

May your day be as beautiful as your makeup! Keep shining!

Contact them- Phone-+9108299329


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