SE - What is the latest trend in pre Wedding shoot?

If you plan to use more directional lighting (such as side light), you need to make sure the foundation and concealer cover well enough to keep the subject's skin looking smooth, even with the lighting working to bring out any texture from imperfections or wrinkles in the skin. 

Products you use should be matte to avoid adding any shine to the face. The possible exception is lip color, since a bit of shine on the lips can make lips look more full and attractive in a photograph. Additionally, avoid using products with SPF for photoshoots, since the ingredients can often make the face look shinier in images.

Always use the best quality makeup that you can. Cheaper makeup products may look cakey on the skin or even get crease marks in them, which can make the skin appear cracked or wrinkly. Some great options for quality makeup products and great color options are Pur Minerals, Cover FX  and MAC Cosmetics

SE - Give tips to our brides about"do it yourself" hairstyle for occasion.

Simple soft curls or half-updos are super easy and elegant. Most of the time, complicated-looking hairstyles are also surprisingly easy to recreate yourself.

If you do decide to create the hairstyle yourself, we recommend to practice lots before your big day, so that you get accustomed to it. Be sure to wear the hairstyle somewhere for a full day where you will be moving around and dancing, to see if it will hold up (cue hairspray)

The Plaited Updo. This updo works especially well for ladies with fine hair, and we love the differentiation in braid sizing. ...

The Plaited Updo. ...

The Bow Bun. ...

The Rolled-Inside Chignon. ...

The Messy-Chic Side Ponytail. ...

The Twisted Bun. ...

The Topsy Turvy Braid. ...

The Side-Twist Fishtail Braid.

SE - Any tips of party makeup for the sisters of the bride.

As the bride's sister you are the next important person after the bride and for sure are going to be getting a lot of attention. 

Style & Fit: Make sure to know what style of outfit you want to wear. Anarkali, lahenga or saree ? If you are planning to buy a ready made outfit, try it more than once & make sure everything fits perfect & is comfortable enough for you to move around.

Color: Make sure you don't chose the same color outfit as your sister. Also, don't choose the color red. Whether the bride wears red or not, it is the color for the bride's joda. So, you don't wanna be running around looking like the bride

Jewelry & make-up: After you finish choosing an awesome outfit, it's now time for the next exciting part! I know we Indians love Jewelry & we obviously have quite a collection at home.

How to balance?

If you wear a heavy necklace & maang tikka, go with small earrings & just simple kadas.

If you want to wear big & heavy earrings & maang tikka, keep the other two simple.

Shoes..The best stores to find some great wedding footwear in India are Inc5 & Mochi. The best places to find great deals on these brands are in Shoppers stop outlet stores

SE - What sets you apart from other makeup artist?

My specialty is clean, feature-enhancing, camera-ready makeup for women and men of all ages and complexions.

I know how important it is for makeup artists to create faces that look amazing in person as well as on screen, in any lighting situation.

And the learning never stops… I regularly attend professional trainings and workshops, work with other artists in the field, and take on new challenges to keep my skills sharp. It’s safe to say that my efforts have snowballed into an amazing and enriching career!

SE - What is the biggest makeup mistake made by bride?

Biggest makeup mistake by bride is usually not giving full freedom to mua  to bring out the  real beauty of bride as per there ideas and experience . 

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