-Latest creations by MUA Anu Chugh

We’ve already swooned you last time by Anu’s makeup skills and this time somebody really needs to pinch us as we are totally dreaming seeing the brides she adorned recently! She takes care a way too much for the bride’s skin and texture that we could call her a caring and compassionate makeup artist on our top lists. So if your wedding is nearing and you want the one who knows skin needs way too much you need to speak to her. Let’s have a look at the brides and bride-to-be’s;

Happy bride, happy with her makeover and shining in her own beauty, amazing makeup for her, isn’t it?

Pretty Princess! Here she comes! Such a subtle and elegant makeup for this catholic bride brightening the aura with her charm. Notice the nude lip color and the eyes, so neat they look!

Beautiful makeover and hairdo for this stunning beauty just made her day! Anu is so efficient in adorning southy brides that she just knacks it amazingly.

Such beautiful colors from outfit in her eye makeup and lip shades, matches the whole ensemble perfectly, as she looks marvelous!

Another elusive makeup for this catholic bride adding stars to her day, Anu is so versatile that she knows when to be starry and when to be subtle.

Another gorgeous from her engagement diaries, looks so pretty and elegant in red and gold giving bridal goals to all the brides out there! We love her hairs here!

Amazing! Aren’t they? There you go, getting all makeup ready for your D-day. We recommend you to choose Anu as you know we’ve already proved you her skills. Whether it’s a wedding day or any other occasion, Anu knows what suits your skin and what will look best on you. So get ready to envy your relatives by your awesome makeovers and all the hotness! Don’t forget to let us know which one is your favorite among above in the comments!

Contact her- Call-9980875812

Mail- anu_arpita@yahoo.com

All picture credits-https://www.facebook.com/MakeoversbyAnuChugh/

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