with North Water Star!

Their work will leave you floored!

Yes, our star team of photographers at North Water star are here to capture all your moves.

Led by Pulkesin K Tiiwary, their works are nothing less than exception and something which we have never come across before.

Capturing the emotion of the moment is their forte and looking at these shots of wedding dance party, we couldn’t agree more.See for yourself this eclectic mix of pictures and fall in love with the talent of these phenomenal artists.

Dictated by the knowledge that the most important thing about capturing a moment lies in its vulnerability, North Water Star does pure justice to every frame that they click.

Their style is evocative and cinematic. And these pictures definitely give us Studio54 feels, Indie-style!

The energy captured in these shots is terrific. Just looking at them pumps up the entire room.

The love and warmth in these shots make them the memories that will be fondly remembered till the endless time.

The romance, the buzz of love in the air, everything in these shots screams Perfection!

Their motto lies in the fact that the most important thing about your wedding is You and Your guests. And every shot that has been clicked by them, is a living proof of that.

If you wish your wedding pictures to come out more that just brilliant and inspirational, then North Water Star are your go-to guys.

Get in touch with them at pullki@northwaterstar.com

And to view their exceptional works, visit them at http://www.northwaterstar.com

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