-adorning brides from past 10 years

Our catalogue is brimming up with so many perfections in which one is “Pretty Bridal Studio” by Sana. If you are looking for such an artist who is flexible with your taste of makeup as well as will give you best of best expertise then Pretty Bridal Studio is the one where you should land. And the work speaks itself; we’ll make sure you are much induced with what exactly is in our mind for this perfect beauty artist. Let’s have a look-

Aren’t you getting that *Chennai Express* thrills seeing the makeup of this pretty bride, as we’ve said Sana is flexible with her work as per the needs of the client’s face and so is the adornment here. Look at that golden bridal jewelry that goes well with the golden makeup.

Another pretty bride all adorned with perfection, ready to rock her day. Such a beauty of perfection and simplicity!

This pink beauty of Pretty Bridal Studio is all stars for her day, creating world of wonders at her D-day. Notice the simplicity and elegance of her makeup yet the colors are vibrant!

Sana adds sparks to brides’ eyes, as their innate glow just enhances with the magic wand she sways over them. Notice the brightness of her face and the glow in her eyes!

Whoo! Those eyes will really cast some spell and won’t let us wake up for ages, which is the beauty of the eye makeup done at Pretty Bridal Studio. 

Last one is our favorite amidst the perfections of beauty! Look at those eyes and the lip color which proves the excellence.

Such movie worthy makeup giving bridal goals to so many brides out there and the credit goes to Sana from Pretty Bridal Studio who is just so flexible and creates the best out of everything she does. Rather a contemporary one we could say with such a decade of experience and awesomely reviewed. So there you go, to choose Sana for your next milestone!

May your day be as flawless as your makeup! Keep shinning!

Contact her- Phone: 9036727591

Email:  prettybridalstudio@gmail.com

All picture credits-www.facebook.com/prettybridalstudio

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