-By Zorain Khaleeli

“Art worthy makeovers”, do you remember? Yes, we are talking about those history lovers, none other than, Zorains Studio! Now here we’ll show you their some recent cringes. We’re sure you’ll be amazed by this, and somebody should pinch us right now as we’re totally lost in the glory already! Let’s visit them!

A beautiful glimpse of the beautiful bride ZorainKhaleeli, the decade long makeup artist, adorned. Look at those enchantress’s eyes, as if she’ll completely take us away!

Such a beautiful makeover it is! We’re completely swooning over this look of her!

P.S.-Notice the lip shade as well, that goes totally with the look.

Now this one is to show the real eye makeup of the bride, could you see the stunning bronze she had over her eye lids, that’s adding such a charisma to everything. Moreover the jewelry is so well put that adds more grandeur to the aspect.

Not only brides but Zorains do on grooms too, so patiently the groom is all ready to rock as well! How faithfully the artist does the work, that’s their way!

This enchanted couple is all ready for their D-day to just rock their show. We know you can’t take your eyes off from them! They look so gorgeous *touchwood*. The magical makeover is killing everything as they seem to be the toppers of the show already, we’re sure everything else fades as they’ll walk through the aisle.

Stunning people of planet! As if they landed straight from heaven, totally gorgeous! Aren’t they?

Their outfit is so coordinating that it’s just adding stars to the whole ensemble as the hair style of the bride totally nailing her whole outlook and groom is no less stunning and handsome.

So, there you go, if you are in love with an art-worthy makeover Zorains we suggest is the best one for you. With so elegant and amazing makeovers both for you and your bae you’ll really steal the show. We recommend such a good reviewed makeup artist and their cult for mind-blowing makeovers as they’re adorning from decades. Catch hold of them for your next coming occasion. Let us know about your views on their above art in the comments below.

May your day me as flawless as your makeup!

Contact them- Mail- zohrainis@gmail.com

Call- 9900032855

All picture courtesy- https://www.facebook.com/zorainkhaleeli/


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