A decade long story with super fun South Indian Wedding at a total Rage!

ShaadiElephant proudly presents to you the love saga of one of our savviest Users!

-a beautiful fairy tale with a beautiful TWIST

When you find your love in your best friend and plan a forever, what follows is a beautiful journey of a dream wedding one can forget never! Let’s check out this super fun Vidya and Vishwanath wedding full of fun wedding ideas that we’ve got for you!

Meet the couple- Vidya and Vishwanath

Vidya and Vishwanath were decade long friends from school, then college, then same company but their love bloomed when they realized they’re meant for each other only when they departed in different career directions. Having Grown with AND grown on each other, their love story is #Couplegoals unlike any other!

We can’t stop drooling over these beautiful pre-wedding shoot they had. Love Vidya’s outfit and Vishwanath is no less.

Fun South Wedding to steal from this adorable Wedding!

Vishwanath wanted Vidya to be his favorite chocolate for the rest of his life! That’s how he proposed….Aww! Isn’t that so cute?

That’s the beauty of love they share where things are so simple proving that “Love simply is”.

So the couple truly knew how to rock at their wedding making each simple moment a rocking one by their cute actions. That totally shows that it’s their day!

Beautiful traditional jewelry and her mehndi that she wore! Very beautiful!

Here’re more of such cute captures of beautiful moments at their wedding. Vidya completely nailed it!

Elegant where there has to be elegant and fun where there has to be fun is what they followed.

These guys are so in love and the outfits they wore are totally apt where they should be.

We’re completely slayed by the couple where the bride is nailing it like hell and groom is no less, as they’re completely proving their beautiful love they share which is so honest! Both are completely different as Vidya is a fun loving munchkin and Vishwanath is a practical one but opposite attracts and we can’t keep calm. Aren’t they the most adorable ones you’ve ever seen? Definitely they are as their love story is our favorite too!

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