-new insta-worthy collections from their bridal diaries

Our all-time favorite “Zorains Studio” is back here with a boom, yes we’re talking about those art and history lovers. Since they don’t leave it in any of their makeovers and leave an impression of it being their USP. Every bride they’ve done is so beautiful and had rocked their day and each of their functions. ZorainKhaleeli, its guru imparts the uniqueness of the art in their subordinates and therefore making every milestone a memorable one. This time they were more of colorful ones, let’s see those brides-

Have a look at this amazing bride and her hairdo such marvelously done leaving no stones untouched. The whole impression is an epitome of perfection, we’re sure you’re swooning already!

Look at this theatrical bride as she looks just perfect from tip to toe. Her eyes and its expressions are so beautifully done by Zorains. Don’t forget to see her amazing hairdo!

Now this one is just mind blowing and our favorite from Zorains diaries, how glamorous she looks! Her bold makeup makes her soothingly bold and beautiful yet she looks so elegant. Her hairdo is so dazzling, couldn’t have been better than this. We know you are now imagining something to do like this at your day as well! Aren’t you?

Look at this princess, she is sure to cast a spell at her prince charming who is definitely gonna be hers forever. Her eyes and her cheeks shine like anything and hairdo is such a wonder here.

This one is sure to take your heart away; she looks so beautiful in that collision of colors which turns out to be wonderful. The messy hairdo and the perfect makeover are creating spectacles here.

So, this is it and this time they were so different that Zorians proved that they could be different from all those traditional and cliché makeovers by putting so much glamour and colors in their art. So, there you go with all the ideas for how your look would be at your day and Zorains’sgonna help you out. Let us know your favorite among the ones discussed in the comments below.

May your day me as flawless as your makeup!

Get their back- Mail- zohrainis@gmail.com

Call- 9900032855

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