-by Dinesh Boiri Photography.

The Bangalore based photographer has time and again amazed us with the beauty and subtle nuances of wedding photography. And today, he once again catch hold of our attention.

A major in computer-science engineering- Dinesh Boiri, was swept off from his feet by Wedding Photography and he hasn’t looked back since 2013.

He believes in capturing all the defining moments of a couple’s love.

From glistening smiles to the purity of their sacred bond, his photography skills have frozen a million moments in a manner that is exquisite and praise-worthy.

And today, we are flaunting his Magnum Opus of black and white pictures which have captured our hearts and will do the same to you…

Black and white imagery definitely gets it going when it comes to bringing out emotions.

Thesmiling portrait of this couple brings out their joy with the dimples and those heartfelt laughs in focus.

The rich hues of this B/W coverage will make these memories something to always look back upon and cherish.

This classic “couple on a bench” shot will be a timeless beauty years and years after your togetherness.

The solemnity of these stolen glances are extraordinary when captured in monochrome.

And, Dinesh Boiri Photography does the work spectacularly.

The beauty of Love, its subjects and their demeanor, is emphasized upon rather that the overall panorama.

The tones of this particular shot spells out elegance, making the viewer completely delve into it and empathize.

The B&W images often have high highlights and shadows that real pop when color is ignored. When people are the subject their expressions are highlighted and focus on their mood. And, for non-living objects, their material and texture is emphasized.  

Dinesh Boiri leads here with these two great shots - one of a bridal portrait and the other focusing on the intricacies of gorgeous henna design.

Like these wonderful couples, if you plan to get your Love photographed in the immortal hues of monochrome, then Dinesh Boiri Photography is The One for you.

Get in touch with him at 088925 12187

Or, email at boiridinesh@gmail.com

And, to view more of his works, visit the webpage mentioned below…


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