-From Bridal diaries of Varsha Tilokani

VarshaTilokani had always been our favorite since we came across her and this time again she took our hearts away by adorning such elegant and beautiful brides and we’re sure you’ll not get enough of them. So if you’re looking for perfection and don’t want to compromise in any way you should really get her this time (without second thought). Let’s have a look at her collection-

Such an elegant manifestation of beauty at its best and the credit goes to Varsha for such immense perfection.

Another one from Varsha’s diaries, a moment of her work depicting glamour. Have a look at such a natural and simple one for this lady for her reception.

A happy-go-lucky bride for her wedding has become everyone’s favorite with Varsha’s makeover. Such a flawless eye makeup and the shimmery eye shadow look so cool. 

Now this one reminds of Iliana from “Barfi”, such a simple makeup that enhanced the beauty to its excellence. Nothing compares Varsha as an artist and her talents.

Awesomeness doesn’t end here and we have more to say and show, look at this amazing South Indian bride, isn’t she looks amazing with such traditional makeover and hairdo? 

We know that we’ve mesmerized you enough with such awesomeness and you’re all set to book her for your wedding as well, so get ready to rock your day for nothing could be better than looking your best at your best day. She is best reviewed by her clients and celebrities as well and is fist among the great makeup artists as it would be really pleasurable to get her back and relax. Let us know which one was your favorite among the above.

May your day be as beautiful as your makeup! Keep shining!

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