-giving wings to so many brides out there

Want to look so stunning that you want to forget never, especially at the best days of your life, definitely its possible when we are around; we are today introducing you to the most talented makeup artist Alisha who makes her brides worth remembered for. Her makeup skills are beyond cliché and we’re damn sure you’ll love it. Let’s have a look at those arts from such a great artist from Hyderabad.

Have a look at this beauty for her engagement, isn’t she looks so different and gorgeous? Her eyes make a remarkable statement and very admirable. Her face shines so bright like moon! 

Such a different one it is, that’s what Alisha does, she makes a different testimonial for all the beauties as she enhances their innate beauty as well.

Now this will really blow your mind as it’s such a beautiful makeover for this Mohammadan bride, this sapphire is taking our heart away. Such a pretty one!

Her eyes speaks itself, how stunning her special day gonna be as she looks her best. All that hands goes to Alisha and her talents.

Now this one is really making us proud of Alisha as the beauty of this bride is so well enhanced as she speaks for herself, how confident she is in her own way. Green is such a color that everyone doesn’t need to experiment but here we could see such a brave one and justifying herself as well.

So all the miracles are better than one over the other and each one of them is magnificent in their own way and the credit goes to Alisha for her hard work. We recommend you to get her back if you really want some magnificent look at your D-day and she will prove it to be true. Please let us know who is your fav among the above mentioned.

Shine bright like a diamond! Keep smiling!

Contact her-

Buzz her on 096188 26444

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