My Shutter Clicks Photography is once again here to surprise us

Brainchild of Lensman Ganesh Jagadish, My Shutter Clicks Photography is once again here to surprise us with their  beautifully taken candid shots.

The photographers at My Shutter Clicks are known for their brilliant style of capturing the emotions, the beauty- everything about a wedding.

But what caught our attention is their extremely well shot frames of the handsome and fun Grooms!

So let’s take a stroll through the gallery and amaze ourselves with some pretty amazing shots of these handsome men.

So here is our Groom with his ever-so-reliable Gang of musketeers.

The shot is taken in its full swing and the moment of fun is captured so well that even we want to be one of the background drapes in this picture.

Before the wedding starts and all those ceremony pictures starts being clicked, there are some golden hours before the wedding- the Getting Ready Moments. My Shutter Clicks does these shots true justice for these two grooms.

Isn’t this one the definition of Awwdorable!!

The Groom’s smile is definitely going to get some hearts racing…

And that’s they roll!

The Groom enjoying his varmala to the fullest. And no one could have captured it better than My Shutter Clicks.

So, don’t you believe us by now when we say These lensmen are the bestest of the best.

And with them, you will have infinite moments of zillions of emotions , etched for a lifetime in their full glory.

Get in touch with them at 097424 44638

Or drop an email at

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