Come take a stroll with us into the blooming gardens of immense beauty…

Amongst the top ten makeup artist from Bangalore, we have a rising star, a solid hit amongst her brides- MUA NEHAD IMRAN.

She has such a big fan following that we are lucky to be on her list.

And, when we talk about her beauty works… well, what must we say… they sweep us right off our feet and makes us want to be a bride ourselves!

So heavens save us from falling short of breaths, because here comes the moment when we look at the pictures of her truly gorgeous brides.

So, come take a stroll with us into the blooming gardens of immense beauty…

We are so smitten with the traditional-meets-chic beauty of this bride.

Her lush lashes, perfectly shaped brows and the flawlessly flushed cheeks.. all of it comes together in the glory of this lovely lady here.

Hair teased up in an elegant bouffant with those tresses framing her face with absolute grace.

The bride is a sublime beauty. Credits to our Mua Nehad.

Silk saree is every South Indian bride’s best friend, and the BFF of the six yards of beauty is the beauty adorning the lady- Unique, Stunning and Timeless just like the bride herself.

This glorious bride shines like sunshine on our dull day.

The Grecian tresses flowing like a stream, the arched brows and the bright lips giving a zillion stars to that smile.

Wow! We are still a little dizzy with all that beauty.

And we are sure that you might be under the similar effect.

So, for your makeup needs to go with your wedding day, get in touch with makeup artist Nehad Imran at 099866 60543


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