This is one point every groom-to-be must pay attention to. Brides are naturally under a great deal of stress.

Important Tips For The Indian Groom-to-be

•    Support your bride to be: 
•    This is one point every groom-to-be must pay attention to. Brides are naturally under a great deal of stress. Try and be as supportive as you can. Just lend a listening ear; that is often the only thing most brides want. Offer your help where you can. Traditionally; an Indian wedding is mostly arranged by the brides’ family. However, if you go ahead and offer financial support it is going to earn you several points in your in-laws’ books.  Keep a positive and happy outlook about the entire planning process. This will help ease the stress the bride’s side is facing.

•    Handle the honeymoon planning: 
•    If your fiance has taken up the planning of the engagement, mehendi, sangeet and the wedding; step in and offer to arrange for the honeymoon. Nowadays,planning a great honeymoon is quite easy. But your wife-to-be is certainly going to be very impressed about your going the extra mile for helping arrange a wonderful and relaxing one. You can do this in two ways: keep things under the wraps and surprise her  or create a wish list together taking her preferences into account. In short: do your homework; know her destination preferences but also do what you both want and like.

•    Be a Buffer between the two families-
•     Indian weddings are huge affairs and it is not uncommon for the stress to lead to petty tiffs and arguments between the parties involved. Maintain a positive role and try and act as a buffer between the two. This will certainly prevent ruining the special occasion for your bride.

•    Pay attention to your own grooming– 
•    Today, grooming for men does not just involve shaving and application of an after-shave. Pay attention to your skin and hair care and if needed, go in forprofessional treatment options that are widely available today. Do play an active role in your shopping. You need not limit yourself to traditional Indian wedding wear; today, there are many options for the Indian groom’s attire  including indo-western suits, Achkans, Bandhgalas, dhotis and so on.

Plan your finance-
Prepare yourself to face any financial issues which may crop up due to additional responsibilities. The wedding journey will be much smoother 

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