The ideal makeup artist

For a bride, the heartbeat of her wedding day lies in her makeup artist (second to the groom, obviously!)

Since always every girl dreams of a knight in shining armor, an aisle adorned with flowers and most importantly Herself- The Prettiest Bride ever!

Thus begins, the search for her ideal makeup artist.

And today, we here bring your saviour for your D-day- Bangalore based makeup studio- Glitter N Glam!

Their looks are surreal and their skills are like fuel to our fire!

Lets take a stroll down the gallery of their stunning looks, and get ready to be blown away!

This bridal look takes a cue from their name itself- Glitter N Glam. Eyes glittered to perfection and lips sculpted to Glam!

We are just Lashing (oops,Loving!) this look.

The liner is winging it just right and the dual toned eyeshadow is giving the much needed drama to the bride’s gorgeous beauty.

Dress your face with these two hot and shimmery pigments- Silver and pink!

This beautifully enhanced look is all your engagement or cocktail party needs to be Legen-Wait for it…DARY! LEGENDARY!

This beautiful Bengali-inspired bridal look is achieved with the traditional Chandan Bindi.

The bold eyeliner elevates the eyeshadow and the waterline.

And the beautiful round and red bindi with equally stunning kumkum and chandan decoration in red and white around it, defines the bridal beauty.

From traditional to modern-edge makeup looks, Glitter N Glam has given all their brides, an utmost satisfaction.

And if you plan to book them for your special day (which we are sure you will), then you have definitely made the right choice.

The artists at the studio are exceptionally warm and comes with skills packed with brilliance and perfection.

So do not fret and get in touch with them to enjoy your life’s best days with great beauty and joy.

Contact them at Nicky Vikas  -

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