-honest shoot and glimpse of an amazing Maharashtrian wedding

It will be soon that time of your life when you’ll be taking a plunge with your Bae! When you’ll be there on your day getting clicked, but have you ever thought how your poses should be or how your candid shots should be? Well, that’s none of your business to think about, let the photographer think about it and so you should get such a skilled one who does it perfectly. This time our all favorite Deepak Mallekar with immense years of experience is here with a bang. Let’s take a trip over his latest collections of Maharashtrian wedding shoot for Tanmay and Sailee.

The moment they fell in love they decided they had to spend their lives together and their wedding depicts the true love they have for each other through Deepak Mallekar’s lens.

In such monochrome their garland shines bright in colors. Beautifully captured for a beautiful wedding!

The rituals during wedding has been beautifully taken, such a candid one!

A decent one for bride and bride’s mom, how graceful is the picture!

This was so random and had been captured rightly, that’s the talent of the capturer who got it exactly at the right time. So cute and adorable!

This one again is the ritual being captured during the ceremony. From all the pictures we could just feel like travelling through a movie as the quality of the pictures are awesome.

A beautiful shot for the couple, though a cliché one but shows their own uniqueness.

As we see how happy the bride is and Deepak had not missed a chance of capturing her smiles!

Groom is all decked up and happy to take her bride forever and for always!

Do you too want something like this to be captured at your day? And want your wedding shots to make a statement in your relatives’ minds when they see it? Well, obviously Deepak Mallekar is the one you’re looking for then. A photographer who captures from his heart and has years of experience is sure to make your big day, a bigger one for you. Let’s know your views in the comment section below.

Buzz them on 098202 89853 or mail to deepaklab90@gmail.com

All picture credits-http://www.deepakmalekar.com/

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