- amazing pre-wedding capture for Sanket & Shreeya

Do you really want your fairy tale to treasure forever exactly the way it is? Well Fhotofocus had always been such photographers who were so real that they did it just right, always. Again we are back with their amazing coolest of all pre-wedding shoot for love birds Sanket&Shreeya. With such oodles of love they showed their cute and cool poses amidst mundane and the photographers captured it with love too making them so comfortable.

Let’s take a spree to it and not wait much!

So adorable! Isn’t it? This is as natural as the couple itself depicting the right story for them! So all decked up with those bomber jackets they are ready for the adventure.

Cute one! Aren’t they? Jumping goose in love! They are truly adorable and captured rightly at perfect time!

Aww, he sings for her, they are so mad in love! We can’t stop gushing over them and falling for them.

Such simple poses showing their real love, amazing they are!

The more they are rough, the more they are subtle too. Look at these captures that show their romantic side, this is the effect of the couple so-much in love and the comfort in which they are captured. Who would now want to fall in love and get these kinds of shoots done for them after seeing them?

Dreamy-breezy cliché and not so cliché shoot, these are common poses but it gets different when shot with different couples as every one of us has a different love story to share.

So, do you want your love story captured the right way then you can catch Fhotophocus for their honest captures. They are so versatile that they would do wonders for you, trust us! Let us know your views on the pre-wedding shoots we’ve showed in the comments below.

May your day be as beautiful as your love story! Stay shining!

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All picture courtesy- https://www.facebook.com/FhotoFocusphotography/

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