- adorning brides from over 10 years

Winter is here and so is the wedding season and we know if it’s your wedding, you’re all on your toes to make it a superb one. Well don’t worry about the makeup at least as we are here introducing you to one of the most experienced one from Bangalore, yes, Sana, and her “Pretty bridal Studio” which is brimming with recent catalogue of brides from South. So this shows a different side of Pretty Bridal Studio but they did it so right, and since there are a pro and proving the same, let’s take a look!

See, such vibrant and cool colors, just did the right things for this pretty bride! 

She looks so elegant and beautiful here and we aren’t getting enough of her charm!

Another glory shows here beautiful aura here, look at the hair, which is so adorned with fresh flowers. So perfumed!

Another one with beautiful mathapatti, looks amazing with great makeover for her day.

We notice here the different colors and how Pretty Bridal Studio justified themselves with the color they chose for lip shade and eye makeup. Isn’t it really amazing? This bride is truly happy with the makeover she has and all credit goes to Sana.

Look at her! She looks cheerful and her eyes say how happy she is in her skin. 

So from red to violet, Pretty Bridal Studio doesn’t miss a chance to adorn their brides and make them super happy with the results. So do you want it too? Then don’t wait and book them instantly for your big day. Let’s know how much you like it in the comments below.

May your day be as beautiful as your makeup! Keep shining!

Contact her- Phone: 9036727591

Email:  prettybridalstudio@gmail.com

All picture credits-www.facebook.com/prettybridalstudio

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