Check out some of her bridal works and GET READY TO GLOW!!!

Makeup which is made up is so last year.

And,2018 is the time for au natural.

When it comes to the wedding day, every bride wants to look her most gorgeous self. So what’s a bride to do?

Don’t worry ladies. Amp up your features and look stunning by the bridal beauty by MUA ANU RAJA.

Check out some of her bridal works and GET READY TO GLOW!!!

The allure of this pretty bride is overwhelming. Her lush eyebrows, eyes done to perfection, scarlet lips and highlighted cheekbones, all of it enhances and brings out the best of her features. And, Holy Smokes!!That eye shadow!

Elevate that beauty with that striking black eyeliner, healthy dose of luster eye shadow and the ideal contrast with bright red lips.

“She smiles like an angel, with the grace of a queen…”

Traditional Bridal Hair and Makeup done to a solid T by our MUA Anu Raja.

Hair teased up in bouffant and adorned with jasmine and roses, brings out the gorgeous features of this bride’s face.

A subtle magic added to the dramatic diva, is the highlight of her beauty and makes her stand out in the crowd of so many other made-up brides.

After looking at these brides, we certainly hope, all the doubts have been erased from your minds.

And believe us when we say, that you can trust MUA ANU RAJA with your D-Day beauty looks.

An important day of a much more important bride like you deserves the goodness of our artist’s beauty skills.

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