Deciding on a venue is one of the biggest decisions in the wedding planning process. So, why not choose something familiar and close to your heart?

Check out these very compelling reasons why you should get married in your hometown: 

Comfort of Familiarity : Familiarity is a benefit. Knowing your surroundings will make you less stressed, allowing you to enjoy the little perks of having your wedding in the hometown you grew up in. You can get dressed in your childhood bedroom, or meet all your childhood friends right before the ceremonial days begin. Throughout the day, you will be reminded of the past and look forward to the future. 
Better Arrangements : Family and friends will have an easier arrangements for their stay as they all have roots back home. A lot of your guests won't need to spend too much money on travel costs. Also, you'll be able to better accommodate out-of-towners since you'll know exactly which hotels to book a block of rooms at.    
Connections : The good thing about getting married in your hometown is that you know the ins and outs of the area, giving you a lot of connections. Your vendors are most likely someone you know through the grapevine. You will have family or friends who have used your photographer, videographer, event planner, caterer, decorator, dj/band, etc. This means you can easily hear about the quality of service each one provided. 

Sentimental : Add sentimental value by getting married at the venue your past generations did. Having your ceremony at the same venue as your parents or grandparents will make it that much more meaningful! 

Fun Traditions: After you tie the knot, you and your guests can take part in a few traditions that you have learned to love. For example, like ‘Dwaar Chekhai’, ‘Jooti Chipai’.These bonding activities will invoke special memories that you hold near and dear to your heart. 
Longer Celebrations: The celebrating can last longer! Instead of just having one designated day, you can split up the itinerary throughout the entire weekend. You have the luxury of time and can enjoy all ceremonies in a relaxed way. 

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