The most sought after talent from Chennai!

“On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful”

-Bobbi Brown

Wedding season is roaring and in the oasis of makeup artists, Chennai based bridal MUA Anushka is a real life saver.

From blooming and glowing skin to eyes that command attention, the artist specializes in every bit of “beauty-at-its-best”.

Anushka has mastered the art of bringing out a bride’s natural beauty and enhancing it.

With tons of rare makeup skills tucked up her sleeve, state-of-the-art beauty brands, the artist is fabulous and her brides are the happiest of all.

Her charming looks are a testament to her loyal bridal clientele.

Want to see yourself??? Lets take a look…

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all??”

Its definitely this bride, with skin so flawless and eyes so bold. Such a fresh take on the no-makeup look!!

“All things are possible with Mascara and a great makeup artist.”

And that’s when MUA Anushka comes to hold your hand.

Her bridal glow is making the entire ambience ultra-angelic.

From A-list eyebrows to scarlet lips, everything about her is just bellisimo!

Kohl rimmed eyes speaks louder than a zillion words and her pink lips are like that gorgeous frosting on a cake.

Our minds are super blown by all these immensely stunning brides.

Every bride deserves to look totally classy and fabulous on her wedding day, and MuaAnushka is the answer to that.

With a mantra of “makeup should never be madeup”, the artist creates customized looks that are beautiful and flawless for every kind of skin tone and with her eye for color and penchant for makeup techniques, every bride looks her most charismatic self on her most special day.

So to take your bridal style up a notch, get in touch with the artist at  097909 44302

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