-perfect hairdos for wedding season/party for your style glam

All brides in the house listen up! This collection of brilliant hairstyles will blow your mind. And do you know who the artist is? Our all time favorite Zorains, yes, the art worthy makeup artists. We’re totally in love with these. So let us take a spree over it,

This side curled up twirl is so beautiful and will make your hair look so heavy. Looks so gorgeous, isn’t it?

Now this one, it’s a beautiful braid for a happy client. A good hair style makes a good day.

With little short hair too you have a wonderful hairstyle and here’s the proof. We just love the highlights here.

Zorains are so perfect in making messy, beautiful and such pined back sultry curls. 

That’s a ringlet bun at the back more of a muddled one and with brighter high-lights and making it so stunning.

Such enchanting bumped up curls that’s a different one from boring curls. Aren’t you wanting one for you?

We know that you aren’t getting enough of these gorgeous hairdos because we aren’t and we’re so in love with all of it. Zorains are such a pro and they know how important a hair do is for a bride and her brides-maid. So let us know which one was our favorite and if you want such honest hair dos then don’t forget to book them for your next destination.

May your day be as gorgeous as your hair! Keep shining!

Buzz them on 099000 32855

And don’t forget to follow their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/zorainkhaleeli

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