If you do not believe in being common...try these mantras to make your wedding unique!

Have a DJ request box on your Sangeet

Turn your coasters into ‘DJ Request chits’ that guests can scribble on. Drop them in a box for the DJ to listen to.

Notes to be opened on your 1st anniversary & 5th anniversary
Have people leave you notes in boxes labelled “1st Anni”, and “5th Anni”. Keep these locked up and open them only on your first and fifth anniversary to see what everyone wrote.

Have a Qawwali night

Fill the atmosphere with fun by having a funfilled qawwali night, you will be surprised to see a lot of relatives becoming shayars.

Have a fun photobooth
Have a fun and quirky Polaroid photobooth at your day function

Have Whistles on your table at the sangeet to cheer each side
 For sangeet, give whisteles to both bride and groom side to cheer their peers performing on stage.

Put your love story on the board
Make your love story popular.

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