By ace photographer Deepan Vartak

Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. And if there were a time with moments so precious that are worth investing, it is your Wedding Day.

The feelings, the emotions- everything about your special day deserves a great storyteller. And that’s when we would like to introduce the par excellence photographers and videographers of STUDIO 90, for all your pre wedding, wedding and post wedding image-making needs.

The Studio 90 has a candid and aesthetic approach and a great deal of utmost quality. Working hand in hand with them is truly a joyous experience that we would suggest all our would-be couples to enjoy.

Let us take you down the pretty lane that is adorned with some stunning memories captured by our equally stunning lensmen.Every wedding deserves a perfect collection of more than perfect moments. And these moments need a photographer who can connect with their surrealism.

The timeless captures of times when you went from ooh to ooh la la  and when your posse tuned in your craziness- all these images you will cherish for years to come.

Courtesy to our friends at STUDIO 90.

Long after the cake is eaten and your guests are gone, you will be left with an album filled with memories to reminisce about.

And those images will bring back the kaleidoscope of emotions that you felt on your wedding day. Yes! That is the magic of these photographs- which will be just as unique as You.

A little cute, a little quirky; overly dreamy and immensely romantic; slightly posed and highly spontaneous- That is how our favorite peeps at Studio 90 roll it for you.

A classic beauty blended with modern brilliance.

An approach to embrace those heartfelt smiles.

That enchanting glance and that glorious spark.

Studio 90 brings to life all such stunning and high definition Wedding moments.

Such Magnifique Captures. Aren’t they??!!

So, all you gorgeous lovebirds, its time for you to relax, leave all your “wedding-moment” worries to the talented people of Studio 90 and just enjoy your special day.

All Smiles. Truly Beautiful. No Hassles. Great Compatibility. Book With Confidence. The Studio that Flatters You- STUDIO 90!

For your magazine-perfect captures, get in touch with the studio at +91-9820059332, +91-9820069332,or else email them at

And click on to visit their website.


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