In a short span of his career, Debasish has truly come a long way.

In the world of bridal beauty, his skills are every woman’s power.

If Makeup is an art, then this man is by definition, “Michelangelo”.

With beauty in his spirit, this artist has sculpted many maidens into beautiful brides.

So, without much further ado, let us introduce you to one of the youngest and finest Makeup Artists of modern times, who is the next best thing- MUA Debasish.


In a short span of his career, Debasish has truly come a long way.

Updated to a T with latest trends, his beauty skills are Style Personified.

With his eyes soaring towards the sky, this man is firmly anchored in his roots- and that makes him a wonderful person to work with.

Debasish has customized tons of glorious bridal looks, pulling off ultraglam with ease.

So, let’s go down the beauty lane and view some of his beautiful works:

“Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

…and an angelic bride… all courtesy to our brilliant artist Debasish.

Skilful contouring and HD Makeup expertise are his forte.

His looks tend to be au natural with a huge glam quotient.

The lush lashes and those A-list eyebrows of this bride is catching all our attention.

“Some brides stress, while some are as calm as a summer sea. And the key for that much tranquility is our artist par excellence- Debasish.

With hairstyle on fleek, eyes done to perfection, Debasish created fresh and classic look for his bride and left us falling head over heels for her flawless beauty.

“A bride will always be the belle of the ball at her own wedding.”

…and Debasish will make sure that you own your beautiful day.

The ravishing bride in serene white dons a polished look with an adoring classic sensibility.

“Be your own kind of Beautiful”, and with Debasish as your artist, you will be so much more.

Her laugh is like flowers blossoming, and her beauty is magic!

Our MakeupArtist has transformed this beauty into the happiest bride ever.

'She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic in her eyes…The Princess Bride'

With hair laden in dainty floral strings, this bride is manifestation of a Goddess.

And all the credits for this glory goes to our very talented MUA Debasish. “May the wings of your eyeliner always be even.”

Stunningly kohl-ed eyes, the do it to kill it mascara and those ravishing pink tinted lips. All of this combines to make up an impressive Queen.

Bobbi Brown rightfully said, “On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful”. And Debasish has brought these words to life with his stunningly impressive brides. And the testimonials of not one but TEN of his brides truly agree, with some of the most ravishing reviews.

All those brides who wants a customized look with great style for their wedding, must turn to this hair and makeup pro, who is renowned for his chic styles with high definition and contouring prowess as he is for his warm, comforting and down to earth attitude.

So ladies, do not fret over your bridal makeup needs and pump up your beauty by giving Debasish a buzz at +919739903090

Have a beautilicious wedding. Toodles!


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